"Thank you for your fantastic session. The feedback certainly confirms that the event was well worth it, it confirms what I have heard from some of the participants. The attendees certainly felt part of the wider team and went away buzzing with ideas."

George Cohen, General Manager Intercontinental Hotel

" This professional development and leadership training has cut across a number of disciplines. Robert's focus on feedback and positive teams has ensured us and we have been able to achieve a client focussed culture that is focussed on outputs and achievements. His team spirit has helped us build means, we are also able to celebrate these milestones and operate in an environment of respect & positivity."

Front-line manager intercontinental Hotel

My first memory of my encounter with Robert is as fresh and as clear as if it was just yesterday. Unlike most of the people he counsels…. I didn’t walk into his office seeking his help or wasn't introduced to him as a counselor to help me through the confusion and difficulty I was faced with at the time in my life. I simply happened to be at the same dinner party he was at. I was going through a very trying time and various personal experiences that I was facing had caused me severe and almost suicidal depression, I suffered insomnia and lack of appetite and I was as thin as a rail. On this particular evening as I arrived at the dinner party my moods were up and I was determined to put everything else out of my mind and enjoy the evening. This was very short lived as I received a very upsetting phone call from my significant other, which required me to excuse myself from the dinner table and rush into the closest powder room in tears, I could not control the pain I was feeling and my uncontrollable sobs were heard at the dinner table… amongst those at the table was Robert Kayanja... and this was how we met. Robert sought me out and the following days, weeks and months were of great lengths of Robert listening to my trials and tribulations, my pains, my despair and all my lost hope and faith in life itself. Through his counseling, books on positive living and spirituality, recommended audio tapes, I am glad to say that it has indeed been quite a journey from the lost woman I was then to the now full of hope woman that I have become. Robert has helped me to see that there is indeed a rainbow after the rain and that surely when one door closes another opens. Through him I have learnt not only to live again but to live positively. I have learnt that in order to move on we must forgive not only others but ourselves - we are human and things have to happen to make us who we are. I now live a much healthier life, I enjoy and appreciate all the simple things that life has to offer, I have gained over 10pounds, look really good and feel very confident of who I am and my physical appearance. I am now engaged to a wonderful man and even though sometimes things in life may seem to quiver, I know I will make it through just fine. Robert Kayanja, you are to me an angel surely sent from above. I appreciate you and only hope that there were more of you for people like me to show us that life is not just for us to pass through but to enjoy, appreciate and be enriched.

Name withheld on request


Dear friends, let me point out that I share such feedback not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you, to reach within your self, for in you rests unique and unquestionable gifts and potentials waiting to be unleashed!

"Remember, we can not resolve challenges with the same traits or a mind set that caused them…" we ought to unlearn to relearn...!

Robert Kayanja

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