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"Leadership Development from Childhood"

Integrating Teacher-Child-Parent interconnectedness in Child development


Child development is one of the most critical challenges facing the developing world. The general consensus is that an individual's character and personality take shape at their earliest years of life. From the joy of bringing a new creature on earth to the challenging responsibility of ensuring that that creature lives a fulfilling life, parents make tremendous sacrifices. Unfortunately, these are not always compensated to the highest expectations due to a multitude of reasons; including financial constraints, lack of education of parents, poor learning environment, political instabilities, etc and are most common in the developing world.

According to UNICEF, 200 million children under 5 in developing countries (equivalent to over one-third of all children) are not fulfilling their potential for development...; Children are developing more slowly, or failing to develop critical thinking and learning skills. This could affect their entry into school, their performance and persistence through school, and their eventual success in the future (Programming Experiences in Early Child Development, UNICEF, 2006)

Problem Statement

To better highlight the need to improve Teacher- Child-Parent interconnectedness, we will share our observation on how distorted this is and how it is affecting child's development in Africa:

The major reason why Teacher- Child-Parent interconnectedness is not paid attention to as a priority in education is linked to the tradition. Children must “obey” seniors (parents, older siblings, teachers, etc) which most of the time means submitting to or following the will of the seniors. While obedience is one among other ethics that a child should be taught, it must not be mistaken for absence of inquisitiveness, creativity and expression from the child to seniors. At home, a child is treated as a no thinker who has to be “cared for” by his/her parents or guardian. He/she does not have enough knowledge to have opinions, likes or dislikes and it is the job of parents/ guardian to think for him/her. Therefore, a child is not given the chance neither to express his/her emotions and feelings nor to think creatively or inquire about what is happening around him/her.

Our contribution

We define child development as the growth of perceptual, emotional, intellectual and behavioral capabilities and functioning during childhood. It includes development of language, symbolic thought, logic, memory, emotional awareness, empathy, moral sense, and sense of identity, including sex-role identity

The Teacher-Child-Parent interconnectedness program concentrates on early childhood, a stage where complex developmental tasks of relationship-building, self-confidence and self-regulation are most critical but also most doable. Building social skills and healthy emotional relationships in children is a lot easier than trying to re-mediate unacceptable behaviour and/or lack of morals at a later age.

Previous Clients & Programs

Capitalizing on over a Decade of Experience in the field of Leadership & Personal Development Training, Our Founder & Lead Trainer (Robert Kayanja), has had the privilege to celebrate a number of successful experiences both as An Entrepreneur, and as A Leadership Development Trainer & Facilitator.

To date, he has trained and Co-facilitated in a number of trainings for Individuals and teams from different organizations in an Assortment of Human Dynamics, and Leadership Development Including:

  • Entrepreneurs Associations (Facilitator, How to make Money 2000)
  • MTN Uganda Telecom.Company (Co-Trainer for a Customer Care Training 2000)
  • Dr.Aliker’s Dental Clinic (Lead Trainer Exceptional Customer Care2001)
  • World Food Programme-Uganda (Co-Facilitator, Team Building Retreat 2002)
  • Uganda Telecommunication Co.(Lead Trainer for Customer Care 2002 & 2003)
  • Bwindi & Mugahinga Personnel (Lead Trainer, Customer care 2003)
  • Camp-Counsellor International{Youth Retreat}(Lead trainer, The Art of Coaching 2003)
  • Intercontinental Hotel Kigali(Lead Trainer, Customer care 2004)
  • Bacor SA International Bank (Lead Trainer, Customer care 2004)
  • Numerous Public Workshops (As Lead Trainer 2004-2014)
  • Most Recent & On Going Programs Include:

  • A Leadership & Personal Development Training progam, (under the supervision of the Adult Education Department), for The Youth & Young Adults at [ABCD] Action for Boston Community Development 2011)
  • And from (April-June 2012), we designed a similar program; A Tailored Training of Trainers program (T.O.T)/ (MSYEP), for The youth & Young Adult supervisors of the City of Cambridge Office of workforce development 2012)
  • A leadership Training Program for St. Peter’s Anglican Church of Uganda- Boston (Nov-2012- Nov -2013)
  • A Tailored -Time Management Training Program for CNOOC. Uganda. LTD (NOV-13 & 14 -2013)
  • A leadership Training Program for Uganda North American Association Boston Chapter(Jan-2013- Jan -2014)
  • A leadership Training Program for Youth United in Christ, held at Community Rowing Club-Boston(Aug -2014)
  • A leadership Training Program for Women of St.Peter’s Anglican Church of Uganda- Boston(Aug -2014)
  • And at the request of(MACDC) Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations, We are designing A Conflict Management Training Program; Tailored for Community Leaders & Beneficiaries Training through Mel King Institute for Community Building.