The man behind Lakewood Leadership Academy

Robert Kayanja is one of the early pioneers who played a key role in the set-up and development of the Institute of Advanced leadership-(ug) in East Africa

In a quest to find additional meaning in the diversities of life, from Africa to the Western world, an extensive comparative adventure that brought him to "close-in" on Leadership training as the missing fundamental tool for the developing nations.

And in the late 90's he came to the notion to search for a medium that would empower the poor to stride their way through from poverty to success, using formulas designed and implemented by themselves;- A reflection philosophy of his own life experience, (Growing up in poverty and living with his young siblings.)

A by-product of poverty, who set-off life... at an income of about 4500/= shillings (the equivalent of about $3 USA ) per week.

He has progressed economically from earning only three dollars a week , to eventually starting his own businesses, from a small gift retail unity, Movie store, to promotional agency- to mention but a few. Robert has learned and continues to learn formulas for success in his own life. He has identified those principles which lead to success, and apply them as key philosophy in his strides through life.

His life experiences have humbled and lead him to establish Lakewood Leadership Academy to share his "story", (through leadership education / training), as a proven method to stride through poverty into sustainable success.

And at the end of 2006, as a path project to lay a foundation &/or a front for the Academy, the International Board of Directors propositioned to set-up a leadership training community center in Cincinnati Ohio (USA)-[under M/S Kara Lee], And in early 2010 a branch in Uganda (East Africa) to coordinate activities in Africa- (under the leadership of M/s Rita Jjumba).

Following the later, In 2012 LWLA would elect her third project in Soroti-District (Eastern Uganda) to serve the regions of (South Sudan, Uganda & Kenya ) & To pave way for our Pilot Vocational Academy for this region, [under the Leadership of Mr. Chris Ochaloi - Principal Administrator & Mr. Ekolu Henry - Training Manager & Project Coordinator.

Also,(Upon the request of a Ghana Navy Veteran), LWLA has been invited to set up a Leadership Development project in Sekondi-Takoradi- (Twin City) Ghana Africa. (& we are reviewing this request)

It also seems appropriate that LWLA often acknowledged as a pioneer for innovations in leadership education in the developing world, has been named in honor of Pastor Joel Osteenís ministry (Lakewood international),who has also been among the pioneer mentors in Robertís own personal development life, contributing bold ideas and an innovative mind that guide LWLA today.

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